Riding a bicycle – mobility with a lot of advantages. With an age of 6 years I started to drive to school by bicycle. Only in 1981 and 1982 I had such a long way to school that I took a car – a few months with my father and afterwards a few months on my own. During civil service at KLJB I had to drive 100 km every day – by far too much for a daily bicycle ride. Additionally my volunteer work in the KLJB around Cologne and Bonn. Starting at the University of Cologne, my bicycle came back to me. Since then work was always reachable within max. 45 minutes.

I use bicycles long time so I didn‘t have a lot of them. Only once it was stolen. The 2-5 km in Halle to my work were and are a good distance: Most of it through parks and forests, a small hill in between, only in winter it becomes sometimes tricky with ice and snow on the tracks.

My dream for future years: A small BEV with low power demand. For 5.5 km to and from work it will be no long ride.


 Kontakt: wolfgang.gossel @ geo.uni-halle.de