Selected Papers 2004 - 2009

  • GOSSEL, W. & WYCISK, P. (2009): Saltwater intrusions and climatic change: a modelling approach for the groundwater in the Nubian Aquifer System during the last 140,000 years.- In: Ferderal Ministry of Education and Research Germany [Ed.]: Global change in Africa Projection, mitigation and adaptation, Bd. 47; Cologne.
  • WYCISK, P., HUBER, T., GOSSEL, W. & NEUMANN, Ch. (2009): High-resolution 3D spatial modeling of complex geological structures for an environmental risk assessment of abundant mining and industrial mega sites. In: Computers & Geosciences. Bd. 35. 1, S. 165-182; Elsevier.
  • GOSSEL, W., SEFELNASR, A., EBRAHEEM, A.M. & WYCISK, P. (2008): A GIS based flow model for groundwater recources management in the eastern Sahara, Africa.- In: Adelana; S., & Mac Donald, A.,& Abiye, T.A.(Ed.): Applied groundwater studies in Africa, IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology, 13: 43-64; Taylor & Francis.
  • GOSSEL, W. & WYCISK, P. (2008): Impact of climatic change on the development of saltwater intrusions into the groundwater in the Nubian Aquifer System during the last 100,000 years.- Proceedings Conference: "The Fourth Environmental Symposium of German-Arab Scientific Forum for Environmental Studies - Climatic Changes and Water Resources in the Middle East and North Africa": 2; Fez.
  • GOSSEL, W., SEFELNASR, A. & WYCISK, P. (2008): Retrospective and predictive modelling of the saltwater intrusion in the northern Nubian Aquifer System (eastern Sahara).- In: Bruthans, J., & Kovar K. & Hrkal, Z. [Ed.]: HydroPredict 2008 - International Interdiscilinary Cenference on Predictions for Hydology, Ecology, and Water Resources Management: Using Data and Models to Benefit Society; Prague, Czech Republic.
  • WYCISK, P., GOSSEL, W., WOLLMANN, A., FABRITIUS, H. & HUBERT, T. (2006): High resolution digital 3D-models as a base of hydrodynamic calculation in heterogeneous aq-uifers.-In: Recharge systems for protecting and enhancing groundwater resources - Pro-ceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Management of Aquifer Recharge, ISMAR5, Berlin, Germany, 11–16 June 2005, IHP-VI, Series on Groundwater No. 13, 455-460.
  • WYCISK, P., NEUMANN, C. & GOSSEL, W. (2005): Flooding Induced Effects from the Mining Lake Goitzsche on Groundwater and Land-use in the Bitterfeld Area.- Acta hydrochim. Hydrobiol., 33/5, 507-518; Weinheim.
  • GOSSEL, W., EBRAHEEM, A.M. & WYCISK, P. (2004): A large scale groundwater flow model of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer (Eastern Sahara).- In: KOVAR, K. & HRKAL, Z., & BRUTHANS, J. (Ed.): Finite Element Models, MODFLOW, and More: Solving Groundwater Problems. Proceedings of the International Conference FEM_MODFLOW; 357-360; Karlovy Vary.

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