Selected Papers 2010 - 2012

  • Gossel, W. & Sefelnasr, A. & Wycisk, P. (2012): Saltwater intrusion balances in the nubian aquifer system.- In: Hydrogeology of arid environments. - Stuttgart: Borntraeger, ISBN 3-443-01070-9, 43-48.
  • Gossel, W., & Chudy, T., & Falkenhagen, M. (2012): Linear interpolation based on isolines: Line geometry based inverse distance weighted interpolation (L-IDW), ZDGG 163/4, S 493-505.
  • Raju, N. J. & Dey, S. & Gossel, W. & Wycisk, P. (2012): Fluoride hazard and assessment of groundwater quality in the semi-arid Upper Randa River basin, Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh, India. - Hydrol. Sc. J., Vol. 57, No. 7, 1433-1452.
  • Amoako, F.Y., & Poellmann, H., & Gossel, W. (2011): Immobilisation of Hazardous Substances from Tailings using Mineral Reservoir Technology: Case Study of Tailings from Ghana. - Extended abstract Konferenz der IMWA 2011 in Aachen, 4 S.
  • Gossel, W. (2011): MO2GEO: An OpenSource software approach for geological modelling. – Extended abstract Konferenz der IAMG 2011 in Salzburg, 6 S.
  • Gossel, W. (2011): Interfaces in coupling of hydrogeological modelling systems 170p; Shaker-Verlag, Aachen.
  • Gossel, W., & Lähne, R. (2011): HyVis and InVis: Two tools for the visualization of structures and 3d interpolation in ArcView. – Extended abstract Konferenz der IAMG 2011 in Salzburg, 6 S.
  • Gossel, W., & Sefelnasr, A., & Wycisk, P. (2011): Impacts of climatic change in the late Pleistocene and Holocene on the saltwater intrusion in the Northern Nubian Aquifer System (Eastern Sahara). - Extended abstract Konferenz ModelCaRe in Leipzig, 6 S.
  • Lähne, R. & Gossel, W. & Wycisk, P. (2011): Hydro-FaBer: A new Tool for Depth to Groundwater Calculation – Extended abstract Konferenz der IAMG 2011 in Salzburg, 6 S.
  • Lähne, R., Gossel, W. & Wycisk, P. (2011): Interfaces between geological and catchment hydrology modelling. – ModelCare Leipzig S.157
  • Rienäcker, J., & Lähne, R., & Gossel, W., & Wycisk, P. (2011): Geological 3D model of Halle/Saale – complex fault-zone modelling (Germany). – Extended abstract Konferenz der IAMG 2011 in Salzburg, 6 S.
  • GOSSEL, W., SEFELNASR, A. & WYCISK, P. (2010): Modelling of paleo-saltwater intrusion in the northern part of the Nubian Aquifer System, Northeast Africa - Hydrogeology Journal, DOI 10.1007/s10040-010-0597-x.
  • GOSSEL, W. & WYCISK, P. (2010): Importance and effects of model couplings in hydrogeology.- Extended Abstract Conference HydroPredict Prague, Czech Republic, 20-23 September 2010, CD Charles University, Prague, 6 S.
  • GOSSEL, W., SEFELNASAR, A., WEISE, S., FRIESE, K., STEFANOVA, A. & WYCISK, P. (2010): Hydrochemical and isotope analysis of deep groundwater from the Nubian Aquifer System in the Egyptian Oases.- Extended abstract Conference of International Association of Hydrogeologist (IAH) in Krakow, Poland, 12-17 September 2010, University of Silesia Press, Ed: Zuber, A., Kania, J., Kmiecik, W., 1551-1556.
  • GOSSEL, W., STOLLBERG, R. & WYCISK, P. (2010): Modelling of environmental impacts of 140 years of open pit lignite mining and chemical industry on groundwater contaminants in the Bitterfeld area (Germany).- Extended abstract Conference of International Mine Water Association (IMWA), Sydney, NS, Canada, 5-9 September 2010, Mine Water and Innovative Thinking, 421-422.
  • Lähne, R., Gossel, W. & Wycisk, P. (2010): A new Approach for Depth to Groundwater Calculation (Hydro-FaBer) using Hydrographical Information. – HydroPredict Prag

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